How to Find Thousands of Hot Ideas for Your YouTube Content Creation

Video marketing and YouTube content creation are quickly transforming from “nice to have” into necessary parts of every brand’s marketing strategy.

Cisco estimates that by 2022, video traffic will make up 82 percent of all IP traffic. Sure, that includes plenty of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but nothing tops YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second-most popular search engine and website – second only to Google in both categories.

A successful YouTube content strategy starts with relevant, interesting, and engaging ideas. Good news: BuzzSumo can help you find thousands of ideas with just a few clicks. Here’s how.

How to Find Thousands of Ideas for Your YouTube Content Strategy with BuzzSumo

Let’s say we’re running a website that sells herbal adaptogen supplements, vegan protein powders, essential oils, and some other niche alternative health products.

We want to create a YouTube content creation for brand awareness, expanding our reach, and to complement our broader digital marketing strategy.

Find New Ideas with the Topic Explorer

If your creativity battery is dead today, the Topic Explorer can give you a jump.

When we type “supplements OR essential oils” into the Topic Explorer search bar, we see plenty of popular content ideas – many of which we can transform into videos for YouTube content creation.

Topic Explorer for YouTube Creation

The topic of carrier oils looks interesting. By clicking on “view content ideas,” we can see plenty of hot topic ideas and questions people are asking about carrier oils.

Topic Analyzer Content Ideas for Carrier Oil

A video about choosing the right carrier oil for your homemade essential oil blends could be worthwhile.

It also looks like people have a lot of questions about protein. An informational video about how vegan protein powders work, who should take them, and their benefits could also do well.

Dig Deeper with the Question Analyzer

The Question Analyzer is an awesome tool that lets you browse popular questions related to your chosen topic on websites like Reddit, Quora, and Amazon.

When we type in “essential oils” or click on it from the Topic Explorer, we see a huge list of questions about essential oils organized by the question types for easy navigation.

Question Analyzer for Essential Oils

We could save some of the best questions and answer them throughout our videos. We could even create a unique video for each of the best questions we find.

Discover Trending Topic Ideas in Your Industry for YouTube Content Marketing

Heading over to Trending, we can see what kind of content and videos people are sharing.

After creating a custom feed for our website that contains topics key to our business, such as protein, supplements, and essential oils, we can see what content relating to those topics people have shared in the last 24 hours or so.

Good news! It looks like people are extremely interested in vegan protein solutions. As part of our YouTube content creation, we could create some videos with recipes for our vegan protein powders – especially ice cream.

Trending YouTube Topics for Protein Powder

Find the Most-Shared Videos on Facebook for Your YouTube Content Strategy

Now that we have some general ideas, we can really dive into what types of video content share well and get the most engagement on YouTube and Facebook.

Heading to the Facebook Analyzer, let’s check out two topics: essential oils and vegan protein.

After we type our topic into the search, we’ll filter our results to only include video posts so we can find topics that work well in video form for our YouTube content marketing strategy.

Most-Shared Video Content in Facebook

If it looks like a specific page produces some great content, we can use the Facebook Analyzer to browse that specific page’s content to see what other topics we may have missed that our audience may like.

Use the Content Analyzer to Mine Engaging Topics and Videos

Through the Content Analyzer, we can check out which topics get the most engagement and shares across the internet.

After typing “vegan protein” into the search bar, we can see a nice list of the best-performing content across the web for any given time frame (in this case, the past two years). Next, we’ll filter the results, so they only include video posts from websites like YouTube.

Content Analyzer for Vegan Protein

In this section, it’s especially important to check out the evergreen score. If a video has a high evergreen score, this means that it’s still getting views, comments, and shares long after its publishing date. Topics with low scores may have performed well when they were new, but engagement fizzled out.

Discover Influencers for Your Videos

You’d be remiss if you didn’t take advantage of the Influencer search while developing your YouTube content strategy.

Checking in on influencers in your topic realm can help your brand stay grounded and connected to your audience so you can create video content that truly resonates with them.

As Anton Eliasson writes at Business2Community:

Influencers are people, too, but in the semi-anonymous world of social media, it’s easy to forget. Your brand faces the same issue. Your company is more than just the products you make and the website you have. It is made up of people. In a video, you can bridge the gap between what the viewer thinks they know about you and what’s actually true.

Not only is the Influencer search useful for finding topic ideas, but you can also consider creating a professional relationship with influencers as part of your strategy.

Video Influencers

Look how Whole Foods found a beekeeping influencer to star in their bee video:

Whole Foods Beekeeping Influencer

Your brand could reach out to influencers for narrating or starring in videos as well. You don’t need to hire the most expensive influencers. Instead, look for people who share your brand’s values and have a niche engaged following.

Start Mining Ideas for Your YouTube Content Creation Now

It all starts with some great ideas. Once you start poking around trending posts in your industry, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to develop not only a YouTube content strategy, but blog post, podcast, Facebook ideas, and much more!