With so many major players in the mobile advertising space, it’s hard to keep up with what’s current when planning advertising strategies for the year. Publications have been gathering predictions from industry leaders on mobile advertising trends for the rest of this year.

Two common threads among professionals are the increased ad budgets for in-app ads and how targeting will be affected by consumer privacy regulations. Meanwhile, mobile video ads are generating huge numbers when sold programmatically.

Smartphone adoption and the spread of 5G is changing the way we watch video content on mobile devices. Data consumption is being driven by mobile video not just for entertainment but also for advertising. Mobile video monetization is ever-evolving with the advancements in technology and programmatic advertising has been progressing along with it.

According to eMarketer, mobile video ads sold programmatically made $19.93 billion in revenue in 2019 in the United States alone and are expected to generate $24.87 billion this year.

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