The CEO and CTO scheduled a company-wide meeting on Wednesday to share the great news and celebrate… or so everyone thought. When the time came, the meeting was quick and painful. The CEO announced that the traffic they are getting from marketing is killing their service and unfortunately they had lost two key clients, responsible for 10% of the company’s revenue.

Then he passed the microphone to the CTO who explained what the root cause was. It turned out that the application was hard to scale and the massive growth in traffic was causing horrible delays for users. It took half a year to fix that.

Sounds terrible, right? This is just an imaginary example but this scenario happens in real life way too often. How do you prevent it?

What is a scalable web product?

Scalability is the measure that determines whether your product is ready for rapid growth or not. In other words, if your fanbase were to increase by a million people in one day, a truly scalable web product could cope, or at worst run just slightly slower than usual. Non-scalable products will experience delays and the user experience inevitably suffers.


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