Imagine a company spending countless hours and money on a revolutionary new app. Now imagine you saw the app in the app store with a plain white background and Comic Sans font. 

Chances are you’d just completely ignore it, no matter how great the app actually was.

A company’s brand is the calling card to consumers; it’s their personality and quickly invokes their values. In seconds, it allows consumers to make a choice based on a feeling. If a logo or tagline is unattractive, unreadable, or cringingly tone-deaf in its message, consumers quickly move on to the next choice. 

Branding offers your potential customers consistency and recognition, which translates to increased loyalty and sales. If a brand cannot address their audience, the audience is gone. And today, with more options and savvier branding, that is happening more quickly than ever before.

Regardless of whether your company is brand new or has been established for years, it’s vital to ask the necessary questions when defining your brand. 

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